Since 2010, the growth of escape rooms has been explosive; skyrocketing from zero to at least 2,800 today, according to MarketWatch.

Bolt is your Ultimate Escape Room Experience. We are dedicated to providing a family friendly environment welcoming of all ages. Our goal is to provide affordable and fun entertainment for everyone. On average, our price is $20 per person for 1 hour. We offer 3 different themed rooms.

Hackers Den: You and up to 8 other elite hackers are attempting to thwart the organization but the government has vowed to put an end to your questionable activities. You have shown up to your meeting and the government is on its way. Can you Bolt before they arrive.

Hostel: You were traveling through Europe when you awoke in a strange hostel. The door is locked and there are camera’s everywhere. What’s going on? Can you Bolt or will you forever be trapped? The organization is betting on you.

The Professors Study: Professor Maximillian Von Strahd is a world renowned archeologist and his study houses many fantastic treasures. You and up to 9 others have ventured into his study looking for just that. Only upon his death he had other idea’s for treasure seekers. You are now locked in and must Bolt before the doors seal forever.

Our puzzles are 100% original and written in house as well the themes are designed in house. While others may have done similar themes none of them match ours. We also offer competitive birthday party and team building rates. Bolt has standard business hours and are typically open from 9AM to 9PM Monday through Thursday and 9AM to 11:30PM Friday and Saturday with Sunday being a short day from 11:30AM to 5:30PM. We do allow walk ins as long as we have a spot open and available. Most of our booking is done online via our website however they can call us at(888) 946-2321to schedule a time with us.

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